Architecture I adore

I love architecture and I’m frequently asked which building is my favourite, however, I am much more fascinated, by homes, by property.

So, in no particular order, some of my favourite examples are listed below:

Louisiana plantations:



You will find these beauties dotted around the Southern USA. They truly are one of the South’s pride factors, filled with rich, unique history and perfect for those long hot summers which was a big factor taken into consideration for these plantations.

This type of architecture was inspired by Creole cottages. French as well as Spanish architecture and design left their imprint due to colonisation.




Not until the 50’s did this whacky design really become popular especially as the ideal shape for a holiday home. This weird and wonderful design has been inspired by simple triangular huts from the ancient world. Andrew Geller is the architect credited into turning these basic ancient structures into luxurious and spacious property, suitable for the modern resident. Another benefit – this is a really cheap design to bring to life!




The main reasons to love architecture from China are the spectacular roofing as well as vibrant colours.

Swiss chalets




Swiss chalets are my favourites. I adore the dark exterior, as well as the shape and balconies.

I can imagine the interior also being dark, but cozy. Perfect for spending those freezing winter evenings in front of a roaring fire with a horror movie on in the background and plenty of marshmallows!