All the reasons why I adore the Middle East – Poem

In the desert where oil is cheaper than water
and the blistering, merciless sun only gets hotter and hotter
there are exotic women, faces covered with expensive silk
only revealing their golden chestnut eyes
I wonder what secrets lie beneath

Nations here are rugged
Mountains high, deserts dry, starry lit night skies
Maybe you’re in paradise

Jordan-desert    camels-desert-sky-stars-night-middle-east-small

Beautiful Arabic on the tongue
Spoken since the sixth century
Only adds to this land’s powerful and mysterious history

Mosques pop up around every corner
lavish, awe-struck buildings
God must be smiling down,
at all the sound made by men each Friday
Calling out


These countries are for the faithful
Fearers and lovers of God
Praying daily. dressing modestly, One Lord Only.

2_286 ALLh   54a5354bc48c9689d024f61bddcdd3cd ALLAH 1

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