Nomadic dreams !

Kyrgyz-Kazak-Mountains-and-Lakes-010      Gurvger                                      3004513mountain

The nomadic way of life first captured my attention a number of years ago and I instantly fell in love. Whether it’s Russian speaking Kyrgyz nomads or Bedouins meandering around the sand dunes of Arabia, they seem to have a peaceful, humble and stress-free existence. I envy them.

When I’m rushing around on crowded platforms or witnessing the horrific human traffic caused by city consumerism, my mind roams towards them, whilst they’re out, roaming themselves, battling harsh weather conditions, tugging along weary animals, dressed in tribal robes, either dark like the sand they restlessly patter on or pure white to reflect the sunlight that beats down heavily upon their brows.

If I were a nomad myself, the silence and serenity of the night would certainly be my most cherished time. I’d lay myself to rest in my kurt (tent pictured above) and I’d spend many sleepless nights staring at the sky above, watching the stars twinkling and winking at me, providing me with my own private show. The sheer beauty of the vast expanse of sky, coupled with stars, stretching for miles and miles will leave you breathless.

The dazzling Kyrgyz mountains towering up around me and the glittering turquoise rivers that run between them would be home to me. A peaceful, tranquil getaway, blistering sun and the smell of the fresh, cool air, the smell of health and never ending happiness.

Earth’s true beauty can only be witnessed in its most natural of surroundings. I hope one day this will be more than just a story, an image of a thousand words, that I’ve created in my daydreamer head.

Journeying in Jerusalem – Have Faith

Overlooking the Holy Land


My fascination with the history of Abrahamic Religions, unsurprisingly, led me to Jerusalem. An image surfaces in the minds of many of an ancient land, scorching, with the Dome of the Rock (Qubbat As Sakhrah in Arabic) in all its beauty and glory, glinting in the centre.

The panoramic view you’re blessed with standing at the Mount of Olives is indescribable.

A short bus ride takes you from the Mount of Olives to Damascus Gate, towards the ‘Muslim Quarter’ of Temple Mount. Coming face to face with the Dome of the Rock was an incredible moment, something I’d imagined myriads of times, but nothing truly prepares you for the real thing. It’s a stunning work of architecture.

Leaving behind the Dome of the Rock, the Western/Wailing wall is a quick 5 minute walk away. It’s a busy place, men and women dressed in traditional, conservative dress, clutching Torah’s and chanting Hebrew prayers. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. Cracks within the wall allow for letters to be written, full of prayers, a direct link to the Almighty.

Spiritual vibes flow through you, everywhere you go.

There’s no therapy like retail ! Who wouldn’t want to experience an Arab Bazaar in Israel?!   Rich and exotic. With each slow step I took, a new spice hit my nose. Gorgeous jewellery neatly lined up as far as the iris can see! Baskets upon baskets of different bean varieties, pretty silky scarves and the deeply tanned and wrinkled friendly faces standing behind each stall, calling out to you, tempting you to buy their wares.

Jerusalem is a magnificent city, where the love for travel and the love for religion can come together in the most magical of ways.